About Us

About us

Adapt Institute

The Adapt Institute is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit, analytical think-tank that works on defence and security policy, with a specific focus on strategic adaptations and changes in security environment. The Adapt Institute aims to develop the Slovak security community through education, expert network development and stimulating expert dialogue at national and international level, and to improve public debate and give space to experts.

The Adapt Institute, Adapt for short, was established in 2022 and fully follows the tradition of its two predecessors – the Strategic Policy Institute (Stratpol) and the Slovak Security Policy Institute (SSPI).  Adapt capitalizes on the experience of its predecessors and draws on the experience of implementing a number of projects in areas such as hybrid threats, armed conflicts, social resilience, Euro-Atlantic relations and foreign influence. Our team has been behind successful conferences, public and non-public presentations and briefings for policy makers and government officials. We have authored research reports, policy recommendations, as well as commentaries and media appearances.

The implementation of the Adapt Institute’s priorities takes the form of in-house research activities, intensive expert dialogue and education as well as popularization of security topics.

The Euro-Atlantic project provides a space for a broad expert discussion in Slovakia on the direction of the security and defence policy of the Slovak Republic in the light of new challenges and threats. It also aims to increase the exchange of knowledge and awareness among experts in the field, as well as decision-makers and government officials. All outputs are interpreted to the general public, thus contributing to the promotion of consensus on the defence and security priorities of the Slovak Republic.

The Security Academy is an educational programme to educate and train young professionals. Participants of the programme have a unique opportunity to get to know leading Slovak and foreign security experts in both online and offline formats and to get acquainted with the practical workings of state security institutions.

In the field of countering disinformation, the Adapt Institute’s organizational arm, Infosecurity.sk, is one of the largest and most popular public multimedia platforms. The portal publishes analytical articles, commentaries and podcasts on topics such as the functioning of social networks, the spread of disinformation and cyber security in Slovak information space.

For the general public, Adapt publishes an irregular newsletter, Adapt Newsletter, which brings analytical commentaries on defence and security issues and current international security related events.