Stronger Together

Adapt Institute

It is our pleasure to finally share with you the result of joint efforts of both Strategic Policy Institute and Slovak Security Policy Institute. As you may know, these two organizations have been cooperating on a regular basis which resulted in multiple shared projects and initiatives. It then may not be surprising that today we are happy to announce the establishment of a new organization Adapt Institute, which tops off this long-standing partnership and at the same time follows in its predecessor’s tradition. 

Adapt Institute then aims to capitalize on the experience of its predecessors and draws on the experience of implementing a number of projects in areas such as hybrid threats, stratcom, social resilience, Euro-Atlantic relations or development of defense and security policy.

One of the goals of our organization is to cultivate the Slovak security community through expert dialogue at the cross-sectoral level. We also do not want to forget about the preparation of the next generation of experts, education in the field of cognitive safety or the pressing issue of disinformation. Through our authorial activities, we set ourselves the task of opening international interdisciplinary topics regarding strategic adaptations.

We believe that especially in these times we are stronger together and that gathering capacity rather than fragmentation makes sense. For these reasons we would like to announce that the portal focused on monitoring of the information space Infosecurity.sk is also an independent organizational unit of the newly established Adapt Institute. 

We hope that you will continue to follow our work, on our new social media platforms and website.

On behalf of both founding institutions let me thank you for your support!

Matej Kandrík

Director of the Adapt Institute

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