Adapt Institute celebrates a year!

Adapt Institute

We are delighted to introduce the 2022/2023 Adapt Annual Bulletin. As we navigate an increasingly intricate geopolitical landscape marked by war and emerging threats, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge research and analysis on security and defence matters remains unwavering.

Our think-tank aims to establish itself as an educational centre and hub convening both seasoned and emerging analysts, policy experts, and government officials to shed light on urgent security matters, emerging trends, and innovative solutions.

Before we fully transition into our second year, let’s dive into the analysis, projects and other activities we take pride in. 

The Annual Bulletin provides a comprehensive overview of Adapt Institute’s inaugural year. Within this bulletin, you will discover links to articles and in-depth reports that are the fruits of our projects. Adapt’s analytical team has delved into a range of subjects, including the Russian war in Ukraine, counterterrorism, intelligence, regional conflicts, military technology, procurement, harmful social media narratives, and more. We take pride in spotlighting the achievements of our researchers, whose exceptional work has contributed original analyses and policy recommendations to the ongoing discussion on security and defence. Their diligent work serves as a resource for government, both international and domestic organizations, and the broader public seeking clarity in a progressively convoluted world.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all contributors, sponsors, partners, and readers who have backed our think-tank’s mission throughout its inaugural year. 

Together, we can design a more secure future!

Team Adapt Institute

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