Mapping Hungarian Influence: Assessing Information, Economic, and Political Interventions in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

The “Mapping Hungarian Influence” project is a comprehensive research initiative aimed at understanding the scope and impact of information, economic, and political interventions carried out by the Hungarian government and affiliated actors in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This multifaceted endeavor encompasses a range of methodologies and activities designed to provide valuable insights into the dynamics of Hungarian-Slovak and Hungarian-Czech relations.

Key Components of the project are:

  • In-depth Expert Interviews and OSINT Investigations
    • Conduct a series of 20+ in-depth expert interviews to gain nuanced perspectives on the various dimensions of Hungarian influence in the region.
    • Employ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations to gather critical data and insights from publicly available sources.
  • Media Content Analysis and Public Opinion Poll
    • Analyze media content to discern patterns, messaging, and strategies employed by Hungarian representatives and affiliated media outlets.
    • Conduct a public opinion poll involving approximately 500 participants to gauge perceptions among the ethnic Hungarian minority in Slovakia, particularly regarding the Russo-Ukrainian war and related sanctions.
  • Comprehensive Report
    • Produce a detailed report outlining targets, methods, and impact of interventions, providing a thorough assessment of the situation in both countries.
  • Seminars and Expert Briefings
    • Organize seminars and expert briefings in both Slovakia and Czechia
  • Media Engagement and Publication
    • Develop an extensive dissemination plan to ensure broad coverage of the project’s findings in national and international media outlets, resulting in multiple publications.

This project seeks to shed light on the complex dynamics of Hungarian influence in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, ultimately contributing to informed policy decisions and a deeper understanding of regional geopolitics. By employing a diverse range of methodologies and engagement strategies, it aims to facilitate a constructive dialogue among stakeholders and promote transparency in the CEE region.

More about the report Maintaining Fair and Open Neighborly Relations: Mapping Hungarian Influence

The project “Mapping Hungarian Influence” is supported by National Endowment for Democracy. The views expressed in the report or elsewhere represent the opinions and analysis of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of National Endowment for Democracy.


The project partners are: