Youth on Security – Collection of student essays of the 3rd year of the Security Academy students

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In the next week, ten successful graduates of the third year of the Adapt Security Academy, an educational programme of the Adapt Institute supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bratislava, the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia and under the auspices of the former Minister of Defence Martin Sklenar, will receive their diplomas. A total of twelve students have been attending this rather intensive study and mentoring programme, which is growing in popularity year by year among students of security studies and similar fields, as well as among experts and professionals in foreign policy and security issues. 

During the third year of the Academy, students have completed:

  • eighteen lectures and discussions with leading experts working in the respective fields in Slovakia and abroad; 
  • a three-day study trip to Bratislava, during which they visited the Office of the Government and attended several discussions on the topics of combating hybrid threats, strategic communication of the state, extremism and deradicalisation or social cohesion and collective defence of the state. The trip also included a one-day visit to the NATO Multinational Battle Group in the Slovak Republic at the military training centre in Lešť;
  • a three-day study trip to Brussels under the auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia. Read more about the trip via this link;
  • a mentoring programme in which students were assigned mentors and mentees who advised them within their field of study, resulting in a collection of essays;
  • a closing diploma reception with partners and mentors of the Academy.

As mentioned above, throughout the duration of the Academy, students worked with their mentors and mentees to improve and deepen their knowledge and skills within their specific areas of interest. The result of this work is a collection of essays that can be downloaded in English here. 

Youth on Security 2023/2024 – Download the collection of student essays at this link

Contents of publication 

Implications of the War in Ukraine for the Security and Defence Policy of the Baltic States                           

  • Veronika Adamková, expert consultant: Sigita Struberga

Strategic Communication of the Slovak Republic in the Context of Russian Aggression in Ukraine               

  • Petra Bošková, expert consultant: Peter Köleš

Modernisation of the Slovak Air Force Fleets: Strengthening National Defence and Regional Security         

  • Emma Dvorščáková, expert consultant: Dušan Fischer

Armenia’s Foreign Policy After the Accession of Nikol Pashinyan

  • Alex Fazekaš, expert consultant: Tomáš Baranec

Navigating the 21st Century Battlefield: Understanding the Rise of Cognitive Warfare

  • Marek Gallo, expert consultant: Alexandra Alvarová

Using the F-Word in Security: The Securitisation of the Russo-Ukrainian War Through the Lens of Feminist Security Theory                                                 

  • Andrea Juščáková

Transformation of EU’s Military Missions in Light of Russian Aggression: Eumam Ukraine and Slovakia’s Contribution to It                                                    

  • Timotej Kováčik, expert consultant: Dominika Dvorská

Strengthening Warfighting Capabilities Through Joint Procurement

  • Robert Lenzen, expert consultant: Katarína Jurišová

Intelligence Services From the Perspective of Political Parties in the Context of the Elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic 2023             

  • Šimon Mendel, expert consultant: Juraj Kulik

The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on the Development of Relations Between Actors in the Taiwan Strait                                                                      

  • Vladimír Mizerák, expert consultant: Filip Šebok

The project is organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic within the subsidy program and in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bratislava. Adapt Institute is solely responsible for the content of this educational program.

Youth on Security 2023/2024:

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