is a project focused on the control of the information space with regard to disinformation and security on social networks, which is in opposition to the activities of disinformation actors. The aim is to detect and refute dangerous and false content, to heal the information space and to raise awareness of important societal issues.

Public discourse and political campaigns have largely shifted to non-transparent cyberspace and social networks. Disinformers, politicians and extremists are hiding from the law or public pressure behind a veil of virtual anonymity in a way that they could never afford in the real world.

Through their activities, they erode the pillars of liberal democracy, spread hatred and divide society. The portal was created in response to a new situation in a rapidly changing information environment. If a traditional or new player, from within the country or from abroad, focuses on distributing and driving its own military, political or business ambitions through misrepresented or false information, this is a breach of information integrity and a security threat to the community.

The aim of the project is to build a small, financially autonomous specialized editorial office and an analytical center that will communicate complex topics in an understandable language. The editors do not want to be dependent on commercial advertising, as it is based on the illegitimate collection of private user data. Therefore, we have chosen a model that already works well in Slovakia and abroad and at the same time offers the highest degree of transparency and independence – support directly from our readers.

The content is still not locked, because we consider to be an important service to the public.