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In the beginning of March Adapt organized the closing ceremony for the second year of Security Academy, an educational program of Adapt Institute and European Values Center for Security Policy. During this event, twelve young professionals received diplomas for taking part in the series of discussions and lectures led by experts in defence, security and foreign policy in the past semester. We in Adapt believe that education and interest of the young generation in the security of our country is necessary for further prosperity in other fields as well. Therefore, we are very happy to have such an ambitious and committed group of students in this year’s class. 

The year 2022/2023 of the Security Academy took place from October 2022 to March 2023 under the auspices of the minister of defence of the SR Jaroslav Naď with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bratislava. 

During the second year of the Security Academy the students have experienced:

  • seventeen lectures and discussions with Slovak and foreign experts in respective fields;
  • three-day study visit in Bratislava, full of networking, discussions and meetings, including meeting at Ministry of Defence of the SR, National Council of the SR or German Embassy in Bratislava;
  • study trip to Dubnica nad Váhom visiting DMD Group factories and discussing the Slovak defence industry; 
  • mentoring program under the supervision of experts resulting in the collection of essays;
  • closing diploma ceremony. 

Academy program is available here in Slovak language

Collection of students essays Youth on Security. Download here.

As mentioned earlier, students under the supervision of their mentors worked on enhancing their knowledge and skills in specific fields of their interests. As a result, the following publication of a collection of essays can be downloaded here (in English language only). 

Contents of publication 

The Role of Western Powers and the United Nations in resolving the Syrian conflict

  • Ančinová Annamária, consultant: Daša Židuliaková

Economic Aspects of the Modernization of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and the position of Slovak Defence Industry

  • Atalovič Peter, consultant: Štefan Škultéty

Intelligence Agencies in the Information Age and the Applicability of OSINT

  • Bognár Juraj, consultant: Juraj Kulik

The Legal Limits of Blocking Disinformation from a National and European Perspective

  • Černák Timotej, consultant: Juraj Kulik

Analysis of the Impact of Electoral Disinformation Narratives in the United States

  • Denciová Mária, consultant: Eva Húsková

The Russian Federation and the Use of Hybrid Threats: A Case Study of Poland and Hungary

  • Gerová Kristína, consultant: Iveta Kupková

David vs. Goliath: Cybersecurity of Small Municipalities in Slovakia

  • Kobzová Lucia, consultant: Matej Šalmík

Cyber Conflict: Russia – Ukraine war

  • Lovászová Eva, consultant: Matej Spišák

Comparative Analysis of Preparedness of V4 Countries for the Implementation of the NIS 2 Directive 

  • Minichová Sofia, consultant: Tomáš Hettych

Slovak Republic Facing New Security Threats: What to Expect?

  • Paprčková Alexandra, consultant: Juraj Kulík

Energy Crisis in the Slovak Online Space

  • Tkáčová Natália, consultant: Michaela Ružičková

Project is organized with financial support of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak republic within the subsidy program and in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bratislava. Adapt Institute is solely responsible for the content of this educational program.

Collection of students essays Youth on Security. Download here.

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